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Women's & Gender Studies


The Women's and Gender Studies Minor at Longwood offers students an interdisciplinary program that incorporates an understanding of gender perspectives in all areas of the curriculum.

Women's and Gender Studies creates a framework for examining the historical, cultural, political, economic, and global conditions central to understanding both women as gendered beings and the processes of gender construction for all humans.

It recognizes that not only gender, but race, class, ethnicity, age, ability and sexual orientation are crucial aspects of women's and men's experiences.

Because issues of gender cut across most areas of knowledge, students can raise similar questions within different disciplines and by using various methodologies achieve a deeper understanding of the complexity and wholeness of human experience.

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  • Women's History Month Events

    Women’s and Gender Studies film




    Thursday, March 24th

    4:00-6:00 p.m.  Hull 132





Dr. Carl  Riden

Co-Director of Women's and Gender Studies
Ruffner 210
(434) 395-2098


Dr. David Magill

Co-Director of Women's and Gender Studies
Grainger 110