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Strategic Plan

From Vision to Action: The Five-Year Plan

Approved by the Longwood Board of Visitors

September 15, 2007

1. Distinctive Impact

Longwood University serves as a unique and dynamic agent for positive and sustainable change within and among its communities and constituencies.


The University will develop a diverse community that fosters a collegial climate where divergent ideas are respected, improving the quality of life through service to the region, and serving as a catalyst for regional prosperity and advancement.

Through the Distinctive Impact emphasis, Longwood University will:

  1. Model the values of citizen leadership.
  2. Provide leadership in effecting positive and sustainable change.
  3. Build cultural respect, global understanding, civility, and an appreciation for human diversity.
  4. Distinguish itself as a premier institution through its signature programs.

2. Engaged Learning

The Longwood University community demonstrates a commitment for lifelong learning that results in personal and professional growth through emphasizing active involvement, collaboration, and application of knowledge.


Longwood University will sustain an engaged learning community large enough to provide a broad palette of opportunities, yet small enough to be a true community. High levels of faculty-directed research and scholarship; student-faculty interaction; active and collaborative learning experiences; enriched educational offerings, including internships, service learning, and cross-cultural opportunities; healthy lifestyles; life-long learning; and, technological innovation will characterize the learning environment.

Through the Engaged Learning emphasis, Longwood University will:

  1. Integrate instructional and co-curricular strategies that engage students actively in learning.
  2. Create a learning environment that permeates all aspects of the Longwood experience.
  3. Provide opportunities for personal and professional growth, including the use of regional communities as laboratories where students can apply classroom knowledge to real world application.
  4. Manage enrollment growth that enhances the ability to achieve the University’s mission and retain its unique institutional character.

3. Superior Performance

Longwood University achieves excellence in institutional effectiveness through continual improvement.


Students’ academic accomplishments will be defined by demonstrating a sound grasp of the arts and sciences as well as the ability to think critically, respond creatively, and apply knowledge. Assessment of these competencies will be used to ensure continuous improvement of the educational experience.

The academic curriculum, institutional operations, as well as the performance of faculty and staff, will be continually assessed and refined to ensure rigor, effectiveness, and relevance to Longwood’s distinctive mission.

Through the Superior Performance emphasis, Longwood University will:

  1. Meet or exceed regional and national standards for learning and performance.
  2. Provide the environment and opportunities that unleash the unique potential in every individual.
  3. Conduct systematic assessment to ensure accountability in meeting goals and continuous program improvement.

4. Responsible Stewardship

Longwood University embraces its responsibility to manage human, cultural, environmental, fiscal, and capital resources effectively.


Longwood University will be a model for the Commonwealth in its ethical and responsible stewardship of resources. The University will incorporate the most effective and innovative methods and practices in supporting the institution’s mission.

Through the Responsible Stewardship emphasis, Longwood University will:

  1. Plan and prioritize resource allocation to achieve institutional efficiency and effectiveness.
  2. Utilize best practice principles to ensure appropriate and effective management of all resources.
  3. Ensure a safe and secure campus environment.