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Parents Council

Longwood Parents Council

PC group

The Parents Council is a group of Association parents who pledge to participate in Longwood activities for the good of the university and to contribute financially to fund Council activities aimed at student academic achievement, citizen leadership, and overall university enhancement.

What does the Parents Council do? 

  • The Council provides funds for grant proposals generated by students and university groups that are directly involved with academic achievement, citizen leadership, and overall university enhancement.
  • The Council advises the administration on student needs and issues.

Who are the members of the Parents Council?

Members of the Longwood Parents Council include families who are invited by the university president, or designee, with the advice of ex officio members from the University and the Parents Council Executive Committee. The Council consists of at least  25 families, representing the academic years and diversity of the Longwood student body.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Parents Council, please click here to complete a Parents Council Interest Form. For additional information about the council, please contact:

The Office of First Year Experience & Family Programs



Parents Council Grants Awards For 2012-2013 are listed below!

Members of the Parents Council support the university with annual personal financial gifts payable to the Longwood Parents Council Fund. These gifts form the basis for awarding grants to directly benefit the academic and co-curricular life of Longwood students. 

Students, student organizations, and university departments are invited to submit grant requests to the Parents Council, which will evaluate and prioritize the requests.  Approved grant requests will be funded from the Parents Council Grant Fund.

As part of its mission, the Longwood Parents Council awarded 12 grants, totaling nearly $10,000 to recipients in the 2012 academic year. The Parents Council encourages students and organizations to apply for grants to advance the university's academic, cultural and social initiatives.

The following is a summary of the grant amounts to recipients and the purpose of the awards.

Beginning Vectorworks (CADD) Workshop- The Parents Council awarded $900 to fully fund the CADD workshop to provide students a hands-on learning experience of a design platform.  Students will have a basic understanding of the Vectorworks environment and understand the similarities of hand drafting to CADD.

Lancers On The Road- The Parents Council partially funded this project in the amount of $850 for Longwood students to attend the Longwood University vs. Liberty University basketball game.  The project is a spirit initiative hosted by the Lancer Lunatics in an effort to build Lancer pride.

Experimentation With Precious Metal Clay- The Parents Council awarded $715 to fully fund the purchase of precious metal clay for the use in art classes so students can build their knowledge of working with metals other than standard sheet metal.  Precious metal clay consists of very small particles of silver, gold, bronze, or copper mixed with an organic binder and water for use in making jewelry, beads, and small sculptures. 

Civic Sustainability Through Aquaponics- The Parents Council awarded $706 to fully fund this project.  It has a direct impact by exposing students to aquaponics and how it can be used to support the University, i.e., growing food for student and/or community consumption. 

Sigma Sigma Sigma Fall Festival- The Parents Council partially funded this project in the amount of $300.  The Fall Festival supports pediatric playrooms in Texas and North Carolina and is the sorority’s national service project.  It is recommended by the Council that the grant be used to build community involvement in an effort to provide a future service project for a hospital in the Farmville area.

Phi Beta Lambda Spring State Leadership Council- The Parents Council provided partial funding in the amount of $360 for Phi Beta Lambda students to attend a state conference.  The conference supports academic achievement and continues to place Longwood students in a larger forum.

Arduino Workshops- The Parents Council awarded $300 to fully fund the Arduino Workshops.  Arduinos are popular tools for building computer-controlled devices such as burglar alarms, video games, and robots.  Arduino kits will be purchased for students to learn more about assembling the required circuits necessary to make devices such as these functional.  This understanding provides a knowledge base to learn more about how computers and their components actually work.

Even Scholars Need A Break!- The Parents Council partially funded this project in the amount of $500 to purchase additional DVDs for the Greenwood Library’s digital movie collection.  The Council funded this project upon learning that Longwood students watch a large number of movies and are eclectic in their movie choices. 

L’Orfeo- A Student Production Of A Great Opera- The Parents Council fully funded this project in the amount of $1100 to assist in the production costs of the opera.  This project allows for solo performances by all senior vocal music students as well as roles for students in the orchestra and other supporting roles. 

Honduras Service Learning Project- The Parents Council partially funded this project in the amount of $1000 for nursing students to participate in a 9-day medical service project to serve remote and impoverished areas of Honduras.  The funding will be used to pay for medical supplies needed for the trip.

Southern States Communication Association Conference- The Parents Council partially funded this project in the amount of $1000 for Longwood students to attend a national conference.  The project supports students participating in a larger arena, promotes academic achievement, and raises Longwood’s profile. 

The Big Event- The Parents Council fully funded this project in the amount of $2000 enabling The Big Event to purchase work gloves for all student volunteers for the community wide service project.  This has been a signature event for Longwood, involving a large number of students working collectively to support the Farmville community. 

Total Grant Funding: $9731


PC FW Small Parents Council members assisting with Check In during Family Weekend.


  • Jim & Gay Aridas
    (founding chair family)
  • Marc Abshire
    (emeritus member)
  • Randy & Chris Akers Kerry Armbruster
    (emeritus member)
  • Stephanie Castleman-Argue
  • Rick & Debbie Cocrane
    (emeritus member)
  • John & Nancy Dwyer
  • Anne Gallant
  • Dr. Paul & Sheryl Grekos
  • Jim & Hilda Hagarty
  • Sel & Liz Harris
    (emeritus chair family)
  • John & Debbie Hutton
    (chair-elect family)
  • Dennis & Anna Kacoyanis 
  • Charli Kelly
  • Mike & Ruth Lewandowski
    (emeritus member)


  • David & Cate Lione
  • Mike Myers
  • David & Monika Markowitz
  • Sheri Moore
  • Rick Neal
  • Becky Panneton
    (emeritus member)
  • Emily Pilk
    (emeritus chair family)
  • John Spady
    (chair family)
  • Don Stevenson & Lory Monaco-Stevenson
  • Mark & Mary Anne Strickland
    (emeritus member)
  • Barry & Sandy Taylor
  • Ken & Kathy Thomas
  • Ernest & Patricia Toney
  • Stephen Trapani & Melissa Sager-Trapani
  • Dennis Wood
  • Amy Waters Yarsinske


The work of the Parents Council takes place in committees which are designed to liaison between the University administration and the Parents Association. These committees are chaired by Council members.

Committees include:

  • Executive Committee
  • Events
  • Communications
  • Grants
  • Membership

Dr. Ken Perkins
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Liz and Gay With Elwood Small Parents Council members with Elwood at Orientation & Registration.