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Longwood Parents Council

Parents Council

The Parents Council consists of parents and families who pledge to participate in Longwood activities for the good of the university and to contribute financially to fund Council activities aimed at student academic achievement, citizen leadership, and overall university enhancement.

The Council provides grant opportunities for students, student groups, faculty, and staff through an annual monetary gift.  These financial gifts are payable to the Longwood Parents Council fund and are controlled by the Council.  Since its inception in 2009, the Longwood Parents Council has contributed over $72,000 to the community through the grants process. 

In addition to the grants process, the Council meets three times per year in January, April, and September. They organize summer send offs for new students and families, assist with checking in families for Family Weekend, enjoy an annual winter reception with Longwood administrators, and participate in summer Orientation and Registration.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Parents Council or for additional information, please contact Rachel M. Dodd at doddrm@longwood.edu.

Longwood University is a proud member of AHEPPP, the Association of Higher Education Parent and Family Program Professionals.




Parents Council 2016 Parents Council 2016

Apply for A Grant!

The Longwood University Parents Council makes an annual gift which creates funding for the grants that are awarded each year in November.  The council has made opportunities available for Longwood students, student groups, university departments, faculty and staff to be given funds for projects and services that will benefit the Longwood University and/or the community. Grants up to $2000 will be awarded to proposals that benefit and enhance student life and learning at Longwood University.

Grant applicants should pay close attention to the information provided in the Grant Procedures document. This document details the eligbile and ineligible items for funding requests: Grant Procedures 2016 (.pdf)

Grant Application 2016 (.pdf)
Grant Application 2016 (.doc)

The grant funding cycle runs annually from December 1st until November 30th. Applications for 2016-2017 grants are currently being accepted.

Please contact the Office of First Year Experience & Family Programs at 434-395-2414 or LUparentscouncil@longwood.edu for more information!


Parents Council Grants 2015-2016

Total grant money awarded: $14,450.96   

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A Place to Be/Same Sky Performance

The Parents Council will fund this grant request in full for $2,000 which is for bus transportation, reserving Jarman, marketing and fees associated with creating an online survey. The request is to bring A Place to Be, a non-profit performance based music therapy practice that promotes and improves communication, social skills and self-esteem for their clients who have various adverse life challenges. The cast from Middleburg, VA, many of whom have physical challenges, will travel by wheelchair accessible bus to Longwood to perform their play Same Sky Project. This will make Longwood the first university in the nation to host such a venue and give Longwood students the connection to potentially diversify their resume by a mentorship through A Place to Be. The performance will take place in fall, 2016.


AIDS Caregiver Kits

The Parents Council will partially fund this grant request in the amount of $990 which is half the amount requested. This will enable the Nurses Christian Fellowship organization to purchase supplies for 45 kits which will be assembled at an event open to the whole Longwood Community where participates will learn about AIDS and the roles of the caregivers in America compared to health care internationally. These kits will be sent to trained caregivers of AIDS patients worldwide.


Alpha Psi Omega Improv Workshop

The Parents Council will partially fund this grant request to host an Improv workshop. The total amount requested was $1,700 which is for 40 students (20 of which are Alpha Psi Omega members and the other 20 are additional Theatre Majors) at $40 per student plus refreshments for $100. Funding refreshments is not allowed under the Parents Council guidelines. The grant was approved to cover the cost of the 20 Alpha Psi Omega members only, for a total of $800. The reason for only funding half is the large number of grants submitted and the amount of money we had available to give away. They said that a performance of the Improv technics learned will be open to the Longwood community following the workshop.


Funding for the Bedford Gallery

The Parents Council will fully fund this grant for $500 requested by the Art History department. Bedford Gallery is an exhibition gallery located in Bedford Hall which provides opportunities for students in Theatre, Studio Art, Art Education, Graphic and Animations Design to exhibit their work. These funds will make it possible for the Junior Art Show to be held which is a course requirement which was previously waived for juniors because of lack of funds. This gives the juniors needed experience before their Senior Show.


Global Leaders in the Dominican Republic

The Parents Council will continue to support this opportunity for students to immerse themselves in a poor community of Haitian refugees living in the Dominican Republic to learn of their plight.  We fully fund the request for $662.50 to provide two community events, a breakfast and dinner for the community; to pay the speakers’ fee for the Chairperson of Soy Dominica (I am Dominican) organization; and to fund a service project in La Guama while in the Dominican Republic.  The experience will be shared with the Longwood community via a photo journal/blog as well as a video/cd.   As was done after last year’s trip, the video will be offered at a showing open to the Longwood community to share their experience.


Hispanic Latino Association Summit

The Parents Council partially funded this grant request in the amount of $600 which was the minimum required for the event to be effective. This interactive summit celebrating the Hispanic Latino community is planned to be scheduled for spring, 2016. The Parents Council suggests that the poster signing exercise be closely monitored by the faculty advisor.


LCVA Fall Into Folk

The Parents Council will partially fund this grant request for this two day, curated art and music program that celebrates the identity of folk art and music. The request was approved to include requested funds for the artist honoraria of $500 and the design/printing request of $375 for a total amount of $875.


Longwood Legacy: How Will You Leave Your Mark?

The Parents Council will partially fund this grant request for this program that focuses on student involvement, engagement and citizen leadership. During this event, students will be asked to write on white boards expressing their Longwood Legacy. Pictures will be posted on social media using the hashtag #LongwoodLegacy. The grant was approved for the amount of $575. The Parents Council suggested that instead of a paid speaker, an alumnus could be invited to speak on the topic of how Longwood has impacted their life; their Longwood Legacy. Inviting an alumnus would eliminate the $1,000 speaker fee from the budget. Also declined from the original budget for this grant per the Parents Council guidelines was the line item of prizes.


Longwood's Got Talent

The Parents Council will support this event sponsored by the Cox/Wheeler Resident Assistant Staff. The objective of Longwood’s Got Talent is to spread awareness of how the student body can become more diverse and accepting thinkers/learners within our ever-evolving world. This will be the fourth year for this event where students will be able to either observe or participate in a talent show featuring a variety of students and talents. This will be the council’s first time supporting this event which they anticipate attendance to be approximately 700 commuter and residential students. The event will be held on March 3, 2016, at 7:00 p.m. The Parents Council grant will be in the amount of $772.00 which will cover the cost of publicity, staff LGT T-shirts/uniforms, music/accompaniment, judges’ supplies and a card scanner for attendance confirmation.


MLK Celebration Week

The Parents Council will partially fund this grant proposal again this year for support of the Martin Luther King Celebration Week. This week long event will occur January 18 through January 23, 2016. Part of the requested funds were for the MLK Challenge which involved prizes which are not funded per the Parents Council Guidelines. The remainder of the request was for $1,000 for the MLK Student Program* which includes a keynote speaker, the purchase of T-shirts with "I have a dream __________" where students will be encouraged to fill in their "dream" and then be interviewed explaining their dream on a video which will be shared under the hashtag #OneCommunity. *Note: On the itemized budget, the MLK Student Program was listed at $1,000. Under the grant request section, there was a typo where it was listed as $1,500. We funded it at $1,000 per the itemized budget.


Operation Smile Club: Smile Bags

The Parents Council will fully fund this grant request in the amount of $332.46. This will enable the participants to make 24 Smile Bags to be distributed to the recipients of cleft lip and cleft palette surgeries from Operation Smile.


P.I.E. Wellness Challenge

The Parents Council will fully fund this grant request in the amount of $1,999 to purchase 100 Omron HJ321 Pedometers. These pedometers will be used by Longwood students to track their steps and measure daily activity levels to improve overall Physical, Intellectual and Emotional wellness.


Psycho-Geometrics Workbooks and Tests

The Parents Council will fully fund this grant request in the amount of $1,950. This program focuses on teaching students about working with others through the lens of communication, human personality, and brain function. This program emphasizes working with others and how to adjust communication styles to more effectively communicate with all people. Many Longwood student organizations have participated and the feedback has been favorable to increase the exposure on campus. This grant will enable them to purchase 300 addition packets. The Parents Council suggested that this be offered at freshman orientation in the future.


The Hunting Ground Documentary

The Parents Council will fund this grant request for the full amount of $395 to purchase the rights to bring the documentary The Hunting Ground to Longwood to bring awareness, education and prevention of sexual violence. By purchasing the full package, this modern film which has been approved by the University administration, as well as the Title IX Coordinator, can be used in any group or program on Longwood’s campus indefinitely. One suggestion from the Parents Council was for it to be used during freshman orientation.


Tools for the Big Event

The Parents Council will fully fund this grant request in the amount of $1,000 to purchase tools to be used during the Big Event, a one day event each spring semester in which Longwood students go throughout the Farmville community to perform community service. As with other donors to this project, the Parents Council logo will appear on the T-shirt that is given to all students who participate.