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Contract Administration / Complaints

Once a contract is signed, the administration of the contract falls to the department. The Department Contract Administrator is responsible for assuring that the contractual relationship is completed successfully and in accordance with the University's terms and conditions.

Activities of a Department Contract Administrator are:

  • Inspecting and accepting contractor performance;
  • Communicating with contractors to assure understanding of the University's requirements within the boundaries of the contract documents;
  • Evaluating contractor performance;
  • Notifying Materiel Management and Purchasing promptly of any disputes,  failures to perform or other problems with contractors;
  • Documenting all activities of the contract and assuring copies of documents are forwarded to Materiel Management and Purchasing for the file; and
  • Processing payments and contract close-out documents.

The contractual duties of the Materiel Management and Purchasing Office are:

  • Maintaining the University's procurement files;
  • Maintaining records of vendor performance;
  • Reviewing and approving all requests for changes in delivery, price or specifications before any action is taken by the Department or Contractor;
  • Issuing contract renewals and/or extensions;
  • Resolving disputes with Contractors; and
  • Issuing cure, request for payment, and/or default/termination letters to Contractors.



Complaints and/or discrepancies on vendor performance should be reported as they occur using the Procurement Complaint Form (pdf).  Vendors are required to respond to the agency.  Failure to respond within ten days may result in the vendor being declared ineligible or disqualified from bidding on future contracts.  Complaints concerning telecommunication services should be reported utilizing the PCF.  Contract Administrators and end users should complete the PCF, per instructions included on the form, and forward it and all documented efforts to resolve the problem with the vendor to the Materiel Management and Purchasing Office.