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Pre-professional Clinical Studies

The purpose of this minor is to provide the student with applied knowledge of athletic training clinical theory and skills.

It is primarily designed for those students pursuing other medical and allied health fields or graduate education. It is an attractive and marketable combination with the following majors: pre-medicine, pre-physical therapy, pre-occupational therapy, and pre-nursing.

The minor in Pre-healthcare Clinical Studies does not meet NATA-BOC or Virginia licensure eligibility requirements, and therefore, does not lead to certification as an Athletic Trainer.

For more information regarding the Pre-professional Clinical Studies minor, contact Dr. Meg Thompson at 434.395.2839



Course Code Course Name Credits
ATTR 210 Basic Skills in Athletic Training 3 credits
ATTR 300 Injury Mechanism & Assessment I (Lower Extremity)  3 credits
ATTR 310 Injury Mechanism & Assessment II (Upper Extremity) 3 credits
ATTR 320
ATTR 330
Therapeutic Modalities OR
Injury Mechanism & Assessment III (Head, Neck & Spine)
2 credits
3 credits
ATTR 325
ATTR 420
Therapeutic Exercise OR
Medical Aspects in Athletic Training
3 credits
2 credits
KINS 386
KINS 387
Biomechanics OR
Physiology of Exercise

4 credits
4 credits

TOTAL 18 credits