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Professional Studies

Extend Your Education

 Student looking up at nothingProfessional Studies courses at Longwood University are for-credit classes open to individuals who may be interested in professional development, enhancing skills and knowledge, fulfilling recertification or certification requirements in their career field, or taking prerequisites before entering a degree program. 

Courses are offered at various times throughout the year in a variety of formats such as fully online, hybrid (online with several in person meetings), or fully face-to-face. 

Although professional studies courses carry university credit, they do not fulfill degree requirements.  Taking courses as a non-degree student does not constitute admission to a program or imply later applicability of these courses toward a program.  If you later seek admission to a degree program here or at another university, courses taken in non-degree (professional studies) status could possibly be evaluated to determine applicability to the degree you seek.


How do I enroll in a class?

If you are a non-degree student and would like to take one or more Professional Studies courses at Longwood follow the instructions below to enroll in the course(s)

  • regular mail to Registrar's Office, Longwood University, 201 High Street, Farmville, VA 23909 
  • fax to Registrar's Office at 434.395.2252 
  • e-mail to registrar@longwood.edu if you have the capability to scan the signed/completed forms and attach them to the message
  • deliver them in person to the Registrar's Office, Barlow Hall. 

** Please note that it is your responsibility to confirm receipt of all mailed, faxed, and/or e-mailed items by calling 434.395.2580

For answers to questions about completing this process, please contact the Registrar's Office at 434.395.2580 or registrar@longwood.edu.  You can also email professionalstudies@longwood.edu for assistance.

What happens next?

The registrar’s office will review and process your course enrollment request.  A confirmation of registration will be sent to the email you provide on your course enrollment form.

User Support Services will follow up by sending your LancerNet ID and password to your personal email.  You must use this ID and password to access your myLongwood website where all academic and billing information can be found.  Any assistance with your myLongwood access can be provided by User Support Services.

Tuition is due in full prior to the start of the course.  Please direct all billing questions to the Student Accounts Office.

Once you have been enrolled in the course(s) watch your  Longwood email for messages from your instructor. 

What if I no longer want to take the class?

All non-degree students are required to meet the course drop and withdrawal deadlines.  A drop will reverse any tuition and fee charges.  A withdrawal will grade the course as a "W" and will not generate a tuition and fee refund.  

  • Please refer to our website for dates and policies at:     
  • Forms to drop or withdraw can be found at http://www.longwood.edu/registrar/19221.htm.  They must be received in the Registrar's office by the end of business on the last day of the window.

There are NO automatic drops for non-attendance or failure to login to an online course. You must drop a course by submitting a request to the Registrar during the add-drop period.  After the add-drop period, withdrawal is the only option to exit a course and there are NO refunds of tuition & fees. Payment is due at the time of registration.

To withdraw from a course, complete the Course Withdrawal Form available on the Registration Office website,www.longwood.edu/registrar, under FORMS.  Once completed, the forms are submitted in the any of the ways listed above for course enrollment.

There is NO refund of tuition or fees for withdrawals. 





As a non-degree student in a professional studies course, you are eligible for a special rate of $275.00/credit hour for in-state and $350.00/credit hour for out of state.  Some professional studies courses may have an additional fee and this would be noted on the course description. 


The courses below are being offered for the FALL 2016 term.

Download this document for the information you will need to complete your Graduate Course Enrollment Request form.


Course Title

Begin/End Dates

Contemporary Social Issues in American Education - PEDU 506

September 3 - October 22

Human Growth and Development - PEDU 521

October 24 - December 10



Jeannine R. Perry, Ph.D.


Brooke L. Greenbank

Administrative Assistant


Our Mission

The Division of Professional Studies (DOPS) provides access to educational resources for the people of Virginia and the extended community. As the outreach arm of Longwood University, DOPS offers both credit and non-credit opportunities. DOPS encourages and supports development and implementation of innovative programs and delivery models.

Core Values

Creativity, Integrity, Freedom, Justice, Respect, Humor, Life, Live