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Communication Studies

The Communication Studies program is fundamentally about choices. Our students learn to make strategic and ethical communication choices across a variety of contexts-including mass media, interpersonal relationships, small groups, and organizations.

Comm Studies speech class

The Communication Studies program at Longwood offers students a choice between two concentrations:

Students are free to take courses from either concentration as electives, or to add a minor in any of Longwood's areas of study.

Our award-winning faculty assist students in accomplishing their learning objectives, including in-class discussion & activities, collaborative projects with on-campus & off-campus organizations, web-based learning methods such as wikis & discussion boards, community-based service learning, participation in co-curricular activities, and completing internships in the career field of their choice.


Welcome to our COMMunity.

The energy, intellect and creativity of our current students, our alumni and our faculty have created an exceptional environment in which to become a Communication Studies scholar.

We know that you have multiple options when choosing a college and a major, but we think you’ll find studying Communication at Longwood a smart choice for several reasons.  All of our courses are instructed by award-winning teachers who are also nationally recognized scholars.  Our small classes and team projects mean that the faculty/staff will know you, and you will know us and your classmates.  Our program features a dynamic blend of communication theory and pre-professional learning experiences that prepare our students to compete in the job market or graduate school post-graduation.

We believe that there is a profound difference in the experience of simply taking classes in a major versus being a part of a community of undergraduate scholars; this is why are quite serious when we use the term "COMMunity".  If you’re already a part of our COMMunity, thank you for all you do to make us who we are.  If you’re considering Longwood or Communication Studies for the first time, please contact us so that we can share our genuine enthusiasm for the discipline we teach, and for our COMMunity of scholars.


What kind of job can I get?

The type of job you get when you graduate is influenced by many factors. Your major is only one. Also important are the work and internship experiences you have during college, as well as the leadership roles you have in co-curricular activities on campus and in the community.


  • Reporter
  • Web Designer
  • Editor
  • Researcher


  • Corporate Spokesperson
  • Account Executive
  • Media Buyer
  • Training/Development



  • Reporter
  • Producer
  • Writer
  • Director



  • PR Coordinator
  • Lobbyist
  • Event Planner
  • Speechwriter



The Department of Communication Studies is housed in the Center for Communication Studies and Theatre, located on the southern side of Longwood University's campus.