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Convocation 2016 will be held Thursday, September 8, 4:00 p.m. , Lancaster Mall


Convocation Basics

  • Seniors and cappers report to Willet Hall at 3:15 p.m. or as soon as you are dismissed from classes ending at 3:15. 
  • Seniors and cappers can be seated upon arrival. Seniors are seated directly in front of their capper. Junior Marshals will assist you with seating.
  • Seniors need to wear their academic gown (no hood) and dark shoes. You may purchase caps and gowns in the Longwood Bookstore.
  • Faculty lineup in Willet lobby.
  • Platform Party members lineup in Willet.
  • Seniors/Cappers will not process. Faculty and Platform Party members will process. Seniors/Cappers and guests stand during the processional and recessional.
  • Limited guest seating will be available in Willet Hall.
  • Guest parking is available in the Pine Street South Lot off Wynne Drive.  If this is full, please park in the Vernon Street or Putney Street lots.


  • Accommodations?                                                                                         
  • Contact Disability Resources, 395-1240.
  • Academic Regalia?
    Contact the Bookstore, 391-1240.
  • Other Questions?
    Contact Office of the President, 395-4806 or 395-2001
Students are capped at 2015 Convocation Seniors are "capped" at the 2015 ceremony
Senior Class President Natalie Joseph's cap included a bubble machine.

Senior Capping

The Fun Part of Convocation

  • Each senior may ask an underclassman to serve as  capper. The capper decorates the senior's mortarboard with mementos of the senior's Longwood experience and "caps" his/her senior at the appropriate time in the ceremony.
  • Each senior may have ONLY ONE CAPPER.
  • Seniors may elect to cap each other or not have a capper
  • Cappers bring the decorated caps or the senior brings his/her own cap.
2015 Convocation capping