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David Whitus Mayor of Farmville speaking at Convocation 2015 The Honorable David E. Whitus '83 Mayor, Town of Farmville

Convocation 2015 was held Thursday, September 10, 4:00 p.m. , Willet Hall

The close relationship between Longwood and the town of Farmville was front and center in remarks by the keynote speaker, Farmville Mayor David Whitus ’83. "Longwood has built a relationship of trust with Farmville over the past year," he said, giving credit to Reveley. "What is good for Farmville is good for Longwood, and what is good for Longwood is good for Farmville. It’s clearly a two-way street."

A Farmville native who has served on Town Council since 1998 and was elected mayor in May 2014, Whitus said that "building partnerships looking to the future" is both a "campaign slogan and a life slogan" for him. Three keys to this, he said, are communication, honesty and trust.

Whitus mentioned in his talk a recent conversation with Dr. Jim Jordan....READ MORE



Convocation Basics

  • Seniors and cappers report to Willet Hall at 3:15 p.m. or as soon as you are dismissed from classes ending at 3:15. 
  • Seniors and cappers can be seated upon arrival. Seniors are seated directly in front of their capper. Junior Marshals will assist you with seating.
  • Seniors need to wear their academic gown (no hood) and dark shoes. You may purchase caps and gowns in the Longwood Bookstore.
  • Faculty lineup in Willet lobby.
  • Platform Party members lineup in Willet.
  • Seniors/Cappers will not process. Faculty and Platform Party members will process. Seniors/Cappers and guests stand during the processional and recessional.
  • Limited guest seating will be available in Willet Hall.
  • Guest parking is available in the Pine Street South Lot off Wynne Drive.  If this is full, please park in the Vernon Street or Putney Street lots.


  • Accommodations?                                                                                         
  • Contact Disability Resources, 395-1240.
  • Academic Regalia?
    Contact the Bookstore, 391-1240.
  • Other Questions?
    Contact Office of the President, 395-4806 or 395-2001
Students are capped at 2015 Convocation Seniors are "capped" at the 2015 ceremony
Senior Class President Natalie Joseph's cap included a bubble machine.

Senior Capping

The Fun Part of Convocation

  • Each senior may ask an underclassman to serve as  capper. The capper decorates the senior's mortarboard with mementos of the senior's Longwood experience and "caps" his/her senior at the appropriate time in the ceremony.
  • Each senior may have ONLY ONE CAPPER.
  • Seniors may elect to cap each other or not have a capper
  • Cappers bring the decorated caps or the senior brings his/her own cap.
2015 Convocation capping