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College of Education & Human Services

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  • Longwood Students Impact VAHPERD Conference

    VAHPERD Longwood juniors Tommy Keefer, Timmy Harris, and Chris Thornton hold the College Bowl trophy.

    On November 7, Longwood juniors, Tommy Keefer, Timmy Harris, and Chris Thornton won the inaugural Health Education College Bowl competition at the Virginia Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (VAHPERD) conference.  VCU was the biggest challenger to Longwood and the two were deadlocked after three rounds.  It came down to a sudden death question – winner take all –and Longwood won.    

    Brett Jones and Megan Hedgepeth with Dr. Claire Mowling presented Motivating Set Inductions and Closures: A Bag of Secrets to a standing room audience during the 8 a.m. Saturday morning session.  By using set inductions focusing on Angry Birds, The Lorax, and a "bag full of secrets", it sparked interest and increased their students’ motivation to perform. New spins on closure looked at options for doodles, riddles and "I care why" as ways to check for understanding. All activities were tested with children as part of action research projects with great results. 

    Jessica Parker was elected as the alternate Student Representative to the VAHPERD Board of Directors.  Jawaad Douglas, a junior and member of Longwood’s Call Me MISTER program, was selected by Longwood Physical and Health Education  - Teacher Education faculty as their Major of the Year.  Mr. Douglas was recognized along with the other Majors of the Year by VAHPERD President Regina Kirk at the state conference. 

  • Recognizing Longwood’s New “Pre-Service Teachers”

    Oct 2014 preservice ceremony Photo taken during the Pre-Service Teacher Ceremony

    On October 30, 2014, the College of Education and Human Services hosted a celebration to honor the 93 teacher candidates who were accepted into the Teacher Education program as of January 1 to August 15, 2014.  Successful candidates must apply to the program, submit two positive faculty recommendations, have qualifying assessments, an overall GPA of 2.5 or higher and a minimum grade of C in introductory education courses and English 150. The teacher candidates were given Longwood nametags identifying them as pre-service educators and a commemorative certificate.


  • Reception to Honor the Artists of the 2014 Hull Youth Art Exhibit

    cabbage smaller The featured piece is titled “Cabbage” by Laura Carney who is a Nottoway High School student. Her art teacher is Ms. Alyson Napier.

    A well-attended reception was held on Sunday, October 26 to honor the 37 selected artists of the 2014 Area Youth Art Exhibit and their art teachers.  Their works were selected from over a thousand entries in  the Longwood Center for Visual Arts sponsored event. The exhibition will be on display in the Hull Building until May 2015.  The incredibly-talented artists are in grades kindergarten through high school in schools throughout nine counties.  Click HERE for more information about the event and to view their art. The reception was sponsored by the Longwood College of Education and Human Services and the Longwood Center for Visual Arts.


Dean's Message

When you come to Longwood University and enroll in a major in the College of Education and Human Services (CEHS), you should know that you have arrived at a "special" place. Read the entire message