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MBAdvantage Program

MBAdvantage: The Best of the Liberal Arts & Business

Get 2 Degrees!Are you an artist looking to run your own gallery? Or a chemist with dreams of managing a pharmaceutical company? Or perhaps a musician who wants to be a producer?

Now, with Longwood's MBAdvantage dual-degree program, you can develop both the expertise you'll need in your field, as well as the knowledge and skills for success in business.

Through the MBAdvantage program students in the Cook-Cole College of Arts and Sciences combine their major with advanced study in business. In about five years, they earn their bachelor's degree in their chosen field as well as their MBA.


Here's how it works:

  • Interested students get the approval of their department chair and the MBA director by the last semester of their sophomore year.
  • Students declare a Business minor in their undergraduate programs.
  • Students take the GMAT during their senior year. The minimum acceptable score is 470.
  • Students apply to the MBA program by February 1 of their senior year.
  • Complete admission criteria can be found at http://www.longwood.edu/business/6208.htm
  • By taking nine credit hours during the summer after graduation, fall and spring semesters, and the following summer, students complete the 36 credit hour MBA.
Student Reading

Get Ready for the Real World

Each student will complete an internship or research project in the area of their undergraduate major. This real world experience enables them to apply the theories learned in the classroom and to see the principles come to life.  In addition, the MBA program promotes a real world experience through case studies and a consulting practicum.


Build your Career

The MBAdvantage takes students the extra step and prepares them to build careers. An MBAdvantage graduate entering the ranks of management will be prepared and won't have to go back to school. Students of the arts and sciences will leave Longwood possessing the business knowledge vital to securing their financial futures.


For more information about the MBAdvantage program, please contact Assistant Dean Abigail O'Connor.


Why MBAdvantage?

Save Time

Obtain your bachelor's degree and MBA in about five years, getting both degrees in the amount of time that many students take to get their bachelor's degree.

Save Time


Save Money

Save money by getting your MBA in conjunction with your bachelor's. Going back to school, while working in a career, can be expensive. Many executive MBA programs cost over $50,000 — ours does NOT.

Save Money


Increase Salary

Increase your future earning potential with an MBA. Whether in the sciences or the arts, the ability to manage people and finances will be a competitive advantage.

Increase Salary


Learn More

For more information about the MBAdvantage program, please contact Assistant Dean Abigail O'Connor.