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Senior Campaign

A Defining Moment

This is your time.  How will you spend your final moments at Longwood? Opportunity is everywhere. As graduation nears, consider leaving Longwood with more than just a piece of paper.

Define your seniority, with purpose.


Embrace the Momentum

Your seniority has meant years of hard work, dedication, and relentless passion to pursue your goals. You've accomplished so much throughout your years at Longwood.

With the loose change that fills your pockets, car consoles, and couch cushions, you have the opportunity to help build progress at Longwood. By participating in the Senior Campaign, you are helping a student in need and honoring the place that has supported your accomplishments.

As a token of our appreciation, you will get:

  • A Senior Campaign Koozie
  • 3 In Honor Messages in the In Honor section of the commencement program
  • Your name included in the Change for Longwood Honor Roll of Donors ad in the last edition of the Rotunda in the spring.

Thank you for taking an active role in the success of Longwood!


Thank you for making change

 2011 Senior Campaign Donors

Adam Callahan, Alexis Yorczyk, Alicia Kennedy, Allie Smith, Amanda Bowman, Amanda Hopkins, Amy Kirkland, Anna Robinson, Annie Pearce, Ariana Scott, Ashley Sink, Ashley Steadman, Ashley Stovall, Brandon Clemmons, Brandon Fry, Bryan Axson, Caledonia Darling, Calie Giangi, Cara Obrian, Casey Putney, Charlie Fustero, Charlotte Johnson, Chloe Abshire, Christina Cox, D.J. Pomposini, Danielle Hebert, Diana Booth, Duan Ingue, Eileen Keller, Elizabeth Motley, Emily Van Daniker, Erica Cipko, Erica Hopson, Greg Dodt, Jacob Huff, Jason Wiggins, Jennifer Grelson, Jessi Miller, Jessica Snyder, Jonathan Renz, Juston Osborne, Kanesha Baggett, Katelyn Rott, Kayla Dodson, Kesley Dean, Kristen D., Kristen Roth, Kyle Pemberton, Laura Beth Stricker, Lauren Gabor, Lindsay Austin, Lindsey Martin, Madi Smith, Maryanne Hull, Matt Collins, Matt Jones, Megan Wells, Morgan Smith, Nichole Simmons, Nicole North, Nicole Parker, Patricia Nelson, Phil Van Neels, Rachel Cave, Sam Haurie, Samuel Hardy, Sarah Mallan, Sarah Nicholls, Sarah Pemberton, Sydney Goheen, Ted Thomas, Wes W.


 How to Help

  • Participate in one of the 3 Change Wars Events
  • LancerCASH
  • Online VISA, MasterCard, or Discover
  • Mail a check to University Advancement, 201 High St., Farmville, VA 23909 (make checks out to Longwood University Foundation, Inc. and write allocation in the memo)

The priority for the campaign is the Lewis C. and Lillie B. Clements Book Fund to help students in need of textbook assistance, or you can allocate your gift to the area that best suits your passions through online giving.  


Help Make Change

Support Change for Longwood-Senior Campaign today!


2010-2011 Committee

  • Lauren Gabor, Chair
  • Eileen Keller, Co-Chair
  • Chloe Abshire
  • Bryan Axson  
  • Casey Putney
  • Ann Pearce
  • Alicia Kennedy
  • Sydney Goheen
  • Nicholas Simms
  • Katelyn Rott



E-mail Alyson Goff, Assistant Director of Annual Giving for questions, comments, or concerns.